Tire speed rating V vs H

TIRE SPEED RATINGS V VS H (from 1mph to 149mph)

Are you looking for tires with the ability to accommodate higher speeds? Look no further than Tire speed Ratings V and H!

Be sure that you got familiar with the tires and the meaning of their marks. Tires with a V Rating are designed to handle sustained speeds of up to 149 mph, while those with an H rating can maintain 130 mph. Furthermore, these two ratings have distinct construction designs; in particular, tires labeled as V come equipped with thicker sidewalls and treads compared to their H rated counterparts – increasing support at faster velocities.

Before selecting a tire type for their vehicle, drivers must comprehend the distinctions between both kinds. Having this knowledge at hand can help them find the ideal tire to meet their requirements and safety standards. Additionally, most tire manufacturers will indicate its speed rating in the product description which allows customers to make an educated decision when buying tires.

To maintain a secure driving experience when going at high speeds, it is essential to understand and choose the correct tire type with the applicable speed rating. If this information isn’t taken into account, travelling in excess of your tires’ limitations can result in very hazardous conditions for drivers. By familiarizing oneself with both V and H-speed ratings, one can make an informed decision that would best fit their vehicle’s needs.

To make sure your ride is both pleasant and secure, it’s paramount that you comprehend the characteristics of all tire types. After all, nobody likes to worry if their tires will hold up while they’re on the road.

Tire speed rating comparison


Speed rating V tires, also known as the higher speed tire, are designed to handle speeds of up to 149 mph. These tire types are typically used on cars and sport utility vehicles that require a tire that can provide superior stability and greater cornering power at high speeds. Speed rating V tires offer increased grip and steering responsiveness for faster driving conditions such as autocross racing or track days.


On the other hand, speed rating H tires are designed for maximum speeds of 130 mph and lower. These tires feature softer tread compounds, which provide better traction in wet weather conditions than their V rated counterparts. This type of tire is an excellent choice for those who want a comfortable ride and good handling without sacrificing tire life. Furthermore, H rated tires are usually less expensive than V rated tires.

V vs H summ

To sum up, the option of V or H rated tires has to be considered carefully. If you are looking for superior performance, then a tire with a greater speed rating would be ideal; however, if your top priority is traction on wet surfaces and an affordable tire that will survive long-term use then an H-rated tire may fit better into what you need. Regardless of which one you pick in the end, it is always worthwhile putting time into researching all options before making any purchase to make sure that what you get fits perfectly with the requirements of your vehicle.

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