Top 10 Worst Tire Brands to Avoid in 2023 (Updated)

Are you in the market for reliable tires? Do you want to ensure your safety on the road is never compromised and your vehicle performs as it should? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will examine the Top 10 Worst Tire Brands to Avoid in 2023.

We’ll provide comprehensive information about why these particular brands don’t meet our quality, durability, performance, and value standards.

Please keep reading to see which models of tires failed our tests. From cheaper knock-offs made overseas to luxury name-brand selections that need to live up to their expensive price tag, there are a lot of bad choices out there when selecting new rubber for your ride.

So buckle up; with reviews from engineers and experienced drivers like yourself, we’re diving into why some big-name manufacturers didn’t make the grade.


Correct tire criteria


Make sure to avoid skimping on your tires and invest in high-quality ones. Not only are they thicker and longer lasting, but their rubbers will have a significantly higher quality.

Keeping an eye out for these details can save you major dough in the long run; trust us when we say it’s worth putting some extra thought into what kind of tire you buy.

Tread pattern

Tread is like the sure footing of your car’s shoes. Making sure it has plenty will keep you safe and sound during heavy rain or snow.

Letting treads deteriorate means extra repair costs, so check them often; a little maintenance can go a long way.

Performance and misfire

Have you noticed your car tires making a ruckus while driving? This could mean one of two things: either poor performance or impending misfires.

It’s time to pump up the volume (of air) and get those pesky problems out of there. Regularly filling your tire pressure is an essential part of automotive maintenance. In addition, it helps ensure proper functionality, so feel free to hit that gas pedal confidently.

Confusing information

Drivers should always have information from the manufacturers about the tires they had equipped on their vehicle, like knowing when exactly a tire was made and what specific features it offers.

To do so quickly, drivers can check out the label or package of their tire, where you’ll find all the relevant information to keep your ride safe.

Poor inspection quality

If a qualified pro doesn’t inspect the tire, you’ll never know if your safety is jeopardized. Poor quality tires can put lives at risk, so ensure an expert conducts your inspection.

Customers reviews

When shopping for tires, customer service matters. Be sure to look at reviews to see how the company treats its customers and to check If some of those brands are on the list of 10 worst tire brands.

If there are any issues with your purchase and return process or warranty claim, it pays dividends to select one that responds appropriately; after all, who doesn’t want top-notch treatment when things go wrong? In sum, ensure the tire manufacturer values its consumers just as much as its products.

Customer service

If you are looking for the perfect set of tires, get a surefire match with shops that have been in operation for years and are praised by customers.

Read online reviews before committing, as they can provide invaluable feedback on how well business owners treat their valued clients.

Tire expert feedback

Talk to the experts when you are looking for a new set of tires. Tire specialists can ensure quality performance and durability without breaking the bank.

Get all your questions about tire longevity, safety features, and more answered by those who know best: the tire industry professionals. Then, ensure you drive confidently, knowing that reliable wheels are under your car’s four corners.


10 Worst Tires Brands Ratings 10 Best Tires Brands Ratings
Chaoyang 3.5/5 Stars Hankook 4.8/5 Stars
Geostar 4/5 Stars Yokohama 4.8/5 Stars
Triangle 3.9/5 Stars Pirelli 4.7/5 Stars
Goodride 3.7/5 Stars Goodyear 4.9/5 Stars
Westlake 3.2/5 Stars BF Goodrich 4.7/5 Stars
Accelera 3.4/5 Stars Cooper 4.8/5 Stars
AKS Tires 3.8/5 Stars Nokian 4.7/5 Stars
Compass 4/5 Stars Toyo 4.8/5 Stars
Sunfull 4.2/5 Stars Michelin Stars
Trezzano 3.9/5 Stars Bridgestone 4.7/5 Stars
Autogreen Tires 3.8/5 Stars Continental 4.8/5 Stars

Top 10 Worst Tire Brands to Avoid in 2023



Chaoyang has a long and storied history dating back to 1958 in Hangzhou, China. As time passed, Chaoyang grew its product lineup from bicycle tires to more commercial applications like cars and even forklifts.

Today we find them under Zhongce Rubber Group’s umbrella, along with other renowned tire brands on this list.

With a history in bicycle tires, Chaoyang has recently ventured into the car tire market. However, people have mixed feelings about this company. Some view it positively for its early focus on reliable bike tires, while others consider their car model inferior quality due to lack of experience and refinement compared with other well-known brands.

Nevertheless, we can’t deny that there is an undeniable good side to this intriguing venture.



Even though Geostar is a brand owned by Nankang, it’s not necessarily synonymous with quality. Although they offer tires at an economical price, safety should be the main priority when making tire decisions. That may mean more shelling out for better performance in wet or wintery conditions.

Cheaper options are sometimes the best, so if your goal is to stay safe on the road this season, ensure you’re investing time in researching reliable brands rather than opting for cost-efficiency.



Triangle is a company built on Innovation. Established in 1976, Triangle Tires was founded in the coastal city of Weihai, China. Specializing initially in producing tires for sweeper cars to supply Indonesia’s market, they quickly adapted as China’s burgeoning car industry exploded onto the world stage.

The 2000s were when their commitment to tire innovation and invention grew more substantial. That same drive behind improvement led them until 2011 when they first signed an agreement with the University of Akron. A renowned institution dedicated exclusively towards research and development initiatives, providing further impetus for progress and technical excellence within Triangle Tire Co.’s operations into today’s successful enterprise it is now.



Goodride was founded in 1997 and is part of the Zhongce Rubber Group.

Their wide range includes passenger car tires as well as more specialized products for buses, commercial trucks, and agriculture vehicles, so if you need a tire that’s built to last on roads less traveled (literally), this could be an option. And unlike other “cheap” brands with no quality control measures attached, Goodride advertises competitive prices without compromising safety or performance standards.

Goodride tires offer excellent durability and wear but need more traction and handling. So if you’re looking for top performance from your set of wheels, Goodride might not be the best option; consider alternatives if exceptional driving control is what you desire.



Westlake is the third tire brand of Zhongce Rubber Group, established only two years before Goodride. Although they’re advertised as safe tires specifically for China, Westlakes are available in several other countries, too, but be aware.

Quality assurance may need to meet western expectations; cost-cutting measures by their creators can make them less dependable than their European or American counterparts.

When driving at low speeds, most models of season tires can be a dependable option, but beware when you hit the gas. Reports have suggested that as your speed increases, so does the danger. With no sense of grip or road adherence on corners, it’s best to steer clear and keep safe.



Accelera is a brand that defies expectations. Founded in 1996 as part of the Elangperdana Tyre Industry, this Indonesian company offers tires for passenger cars, off-road vehicles, and even racing, which is okay considering its relative youth. From humble beginnings, Accelera has rapidly grown to become one of Asia’s most trusted brands regarding high-performance tires.

So why settle for anything less? Get behind the wheel confidently thanks to accelerated durability from an experienced team passionate about providing reliable products.

It’s sure to raise eyebrows when a company known for its high-performance road tires produces some of the worst damp weather performance around.

Reports from owners say that taking it easy on the accelerator and brake pedals is about all these particular tires can handle in wet conditions, making them an unlikely pick for those looking to tackle slippery surfaces with confidence.

AKS Tires


If you’re in the market for tires, you should avoid this mysterious company at all costs. There’s virtually no information on who manufactures them, not even a hint of ownership or headquarters. It almost feels like they’re being made up in someone’s basement.

So while there may be some info about dealerships selling these tires, it is best to steer clear and invest your hard-earned money into something more reliable.

Tire traction is key to any vehicle’s performance, and these tires offer little assurance in this category. Even with perfect conditions and a slower speed, the grip levels are far too low, and you’ll feel like your car has plastic wheels. Performance plummets in ideal circumstances, something other than what you want on your ride.



Compass is a company that might leave you feeling meh. Established in 1998, the market has yet to see any improvements in its range of products, including bicycle and passenger tires and car parts.

Quality-wise, it’s what you would expect for its price point, with longevity being okay but comfort not exactly commendable either, so wait to hold your breath if performance was worth experiencing.



If you’re in the market for a reliable tire, Sunfull might not be it. Part of Unicorn Tire Corporation based out of America, these tires are made all the way overseas, in China.

Though many items manufactured there can often offer good quality and value (we’ve had some great finds shopping online), this isn’t one of those cases.

This company has been around since 2007 but needs help to reach its full potential. The business requires serious upgrades with a limited selection of models and subpar performance, especially with wet braking distances far exceeding industry standards.

Fortunately, given their long history in this field, they have the resources and experience necessary to get back on track.


Ready to take a spin in the tire market? Meet Trezzano. Established stateside by Zhongce Rubber Group, this young brand is still working on making its mark. Unconventional yet fascinatingly, you won’t find an official website for product info; instead, it’s up to resellers and customer reviews that back them as dependable tires with plenty of safe miles ahead.

When you buy budget tires, it can seem like a steal at first. But standard or inferior models sometimes hold up over time, leading to uncomfortable driving and lower performance levels compared to higher-quality brands.

As the tire wears down, an irreversible outcome is often unfavorable tread wear where the center of your wheels has less depth than its sides, costing you more long-term maintenance costs.

Dishonorable mention – Autogreen Tires

Are you looking for a quality tire with long-lasting durability? Look away from Autogreen. Despite being manufactured in Beijing, China, there are other options you’re looking for when buying tires.

The short lifespan of fewer than 20,000 miles and poor traction on dry roads or surfaces make these tires far from ideal. Even higher speeds will cause noticeable vibrations while driving. Save your time and money by finding something that meets all your needs instead.

Examples of good tire brands





BF Goodrich







Avoid bad tires at all costs.

When you dance with a car along winding and wet roads, it’s crucial to have the right tires.

A tire that can deliver grip at a high-speed rating and navigate wet conditions will keep your ride steady and safe. If not, those long braking distances could quickly end your thrill-seeking. So ensure enough rubber between you and disaster by selecting quality but not expensive tires for twisty experiences.

Tires can make a huge difference when it comes to everyday driving. Unfortunately, the dreaded “plastic” tires often cannot provide enough traction, so the car slips and understeers, which is not ideal for getting around town. Durability is also essential; good quality rubber should last 40-60 thousand miles (and more sometimes).

But that depends on your tire type and internal construction considerations. So keep an eye out for lasting performance while relying on trusted brands. Doing so will help ensure better safety during those drives downtown.

When it comes to durable tires, you want to avoid any old brand from the Top 10 Worst Tire Brands to Avoid in 2023, especially if they’re cheaper and worse. That’s why reputable brands go to extra lengths, like constructing steel belts within them or wrapping nylon around them, which help prevent sudden blowouts while driving along.

As an added advantage, most will also have a quality warranty, although not necessarily treadwear warranties for when your tire deforms and becomes wobbly. So that even in these cases, you can rest assured knowing there may be some protection from replacement costs.

Factors to consider before buying a tire

The tread

As drivers, it’s essential to have high-quality tires that offer a good grip on the road. This grip is especially true in wet, snowy, or dry conditions; with high-quality tread patterns, you can navigate safely and securely, but if your tires aren’t up to scratch, there could be severe consequences.

Low-quality tire treads expose you and make you more likely to slide off the wet roads when confronted with adverse weather conditions. Investing in reliable rubber keeps us safe during our daily commutes and helps ensure peace of mind while on The Road.


Quality pays when it comes to tires. While they may seem cost-efficient, poor-quality rubber will only last for a short time and protect effectively against punctures or blowouts; reliability takes precedence over initial costs. Invest in a premium set, and you’ll know your vehicle can handle everything life throws at it, from everyday wear and tear to the occasional top-speed thrills. Go bargain basement on tire shopping, however.

Riding comfort

Investing in good tires is worth making if you prefer traveling on smooth roads without any unnecessary interruptions. If you want to hit the road feeling like royalty, only settle for a quality tire. Be sure to steer clear of low-grade ones. Otherwise, your journey may be filled with unwanted bumps and grating noises.

Gas savings

Quality tires are essential if you’re looking for the most fuel-efficient and comfortable ride. Cheap options will cost more at the pump, so consider good ones to ensure your vehicle’s gas mileage stays as low and eco-friendly as possible.

Braking distance

When it comes to emergencies, you want a tire that will grip the road and stop on demand. Sure, cheaper tires can be tempting, but when it counts, they may let you down, potentially sliding on wet or snowy roads and leading to an accident. Invest in good quality ones today, so no matter what conditions come your way, getting stopped is not one of them.

Tire noise

Nothing ruins a good drive like noisy tires. Good tires make all the difference in noise reduction while you’re on the go; plus, they ensure long-lasting reliability for years. So get the best of both worlds, performance and comfort, by investing in quality, dependable rubber.

Handling the road

We all take tires for granted, but they can make the difference between safely navigating harsh weather conditions and losing control of your vehicle.

Good tires promote stability by providing a secure and excellent grip on wet pavement to maintain control over your car no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. With quality tires that won’t wear down quickly, you always know when it’s time to hit the brakes, you’ll stop soon with confidence knowing that rain or shine, good rubber has got your back.

Affordable yet efficient tires

When you’re on the prowl for a good set of tires, it pays to know that the price range can vary greatly depending on your make and model.

If speed is what drives you, heavier-duty performance tires will cost more than standard models; however, if large-diameter wheels are in the mix, then expect an even heftier tag. Generally speaking, car owners should anticipate spending between $80-$200 per tire when searching for quality rubber.

The Bottom Line

You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road with a blown tire, and you certainly don’t want to pay for a tow truck because you bought cheap tires. Unfortunately, with so many brands out there, it can be hard to know which ones are good and which are bad.

We’ve compiled this list of the top 10 worst tire brands to avoid in 2023. Check our website for more information on the best and worst tire brands and other car-related topics. We’ve also included tips on what to look for when shopping for tires, so you can make an informed decision next time you’re in the market. Thanks for reading.

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